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  • Wenzhou Medical University Scientific Research Center (Unite Level) was set up in October, 2017, responsible for the construction and management of scientific research laboratory, sharing platform of large-scale experimental apparatuses and experimental technical team. The center is devoted to supporting scientific researches of the school, cultivating service talents and providing high-level instruments and equipment as well as technical support for discipline development. The responsibilities and tasks of the center are as followed: (1) integrate resources with discipline planning as guidance and establish an interdisciplinary and inclusive research center laboratory at school-level with centralized management and distinct hierarchy; (2) plan to purchase instruments and equipment worth more than 100 million yuan, establish a school-level sharing platform of large-scale instrument and implement test research on morphology, functional science and pharmacology according to their functions; (3) introduce advanced technical experts, build a dedicated experimental team with cutting-edged technology and provide test analysis and technical training through participation in experimental projects to serve talents cultivation, scientific research and discipline development of the school; (4) establish and implement the management system and operating system of the center, enact method of the sharing management on large-scale instruments and set up sort management, hierarchical assessment and promotion mechanism as well as ensure the safe and efficient operation of laboratory.




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